Advice on Exporting Goods from the UK

Goods can be transported by any combination of road, rail, air and sea routes. Here are some factors to bear in mind:

  • Cost and distance
  • When the goods must arrive
  • Product size, weight, perishability and security needs
  • Special Requirements or Licenses for Restricted Goods and Animals freight forwarder
  • Freight forwarding is a service industry that transports goods around the world on behalf of exporters. A carrier acts as an intermediary or intermediary between you and a carrier, airline, rail or road carrier.

Freight forwarders like ESO Logistics save time and money when exporting bulk or expensive goods by sea or air freight.

If you want to export a small or regular number of packages, it is easier, cheaper and faster to use a package courier. Various carriers can offer free 24/7 pickup and tracking. Courier companies, unlike carriers, typically use their own staff and equipment to deliver.

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What Carriers Can Do

  • Preparation of customs and shipping documents advise on national rules and regulations
  • Arrange and manage multiple different types of transportation in one shipment
  • Fare negotiation
  • Take out shipping insurance
  • Reserve cargo space (consolidate cargo to save money)
  • Packing goods for export (this requires expertise)
  • Movement of dangerous goods
  • Clear customs and pay import duties at the border

When preparing goods for transhipment, the carrier must first receive clear instructions from the importer or exporter, ideally well in advance of the transhipment. When working with carriers to help manage transportation and logistics, discuss your options thoroughly. Visit gov.uk for more information on the various types of international commercial transport.

Transport documents

Each mode of transport has its own required documents, such as:

  • Air Waybill - for air freight
  • Bill of lading - for sea freight
  • CMR Consignment Memo - For Road Freight Transportation
  • If you use a carrier, you are responsible for ensuring that all documentation is provided by the carrier.

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Brexit and the Impact on Transport

Since leaving the EU on 1 January 2021, the UK has also left the EU Customs Union and a single VAT territory. Customs clearance may be required to send goods between the UK and her EU, although currently not as strict as other non-EU countries. Some groups may not even need to organize this beforehand.

As a result of Brexit in the UK and increased bureaucracy in legislation, inquiries to operator groups are on the rise. Retailers and other groups may not have the staff or capacity to deal with the increased administrative burden of the separation of the EU customs union.

However, if you need advice, please call 0121 387 1800

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